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Cargas Energy integrates with many industry-leading companies to provide you with the best, most comprehensive solution on the market today. From the meters in the field, to the accounting integrations in the back office, we are continually looking to grow our solution. After all, we’re just one big happy family.

Secure Payment Processing

Innovative ideas for improved cash flow,
expense reduction and increased revenue.

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With CoPilot GPS Navigation

Integrated Routing

Turn-By-Turn Directions

It Doesn't Get Better Than This

Best-In-Class Cloud-Based Accounting Solution

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Online Customer Portal

Mission Critical Tools For The Energy Business

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Award Winning

Full Service


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Proactive Tank Replacement Process For Residential Heating Oil Tanks.

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Integrated Routing Through ALK Maps

Our Route Builder is developed on the ALK Maps platform, leveraging industry-leading routing technology and extensive features such as turn-by-turn directions and HazMat restrictions, all seamlessly integrated into Cargas Energy.

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Extensive Meters Integrations

Our mobile delivery application provides seamless integrations to the following meters:



MidCom eCount

Seamless Accounting Integrations

Cargas Energy provides General Ledger, Payables, and Bank Reconciliation integrations to two premier Accounting solutions: Intacct & Dynamics GP.

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Collections Management

Cargas Energy provides direct integration to two industry-leading collections management companies, allowing your company to focus on what you do best: delivering great value to your customers and providing the best customer service.

Automatic Credit Card Processing

Cargas Energy seamlessly process credit card payments with integration to Authorize.NET. Flexible payment schedules can be set-up on customers accounts, and you can even specify different credit cards for different transaction types.

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Online Customer Portal

Cargas Energy integrates with Destwin and MyFuelPortal, which provide your customers with an online portal to access their customer information and a host of other functionalities.

Business Intelligence Tools

Cargas Energy provides integration to BRITE™, which enables fuel companies to instantly access reports showing service and sales performance, actual margin versus budget, pricing program positions, delivery effectiveness and much more.

Excise Tax Compliance Solution

Avalara, Inc., is a leading provider of cloud software delivering compliance solutions for sales and use tax, VAT, excise, and other transactional taxes. Avalara’s Compliance Cloud solution reduces the tedious work, and complexity of calculating and filing taxes for millions of products and services across the U.S., Canada, Europe, and dozens of other international jurisdictions. Cargas Energy provides a direct integration to Avalara Excise Pro to automate excise fuel tax reporting.

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Real-Time DTN Price Updates

With Our Real-Time DTN Price Updates, price changes are automatically dispatched to all open tickets in the field, ensuring that all your open tickets will always have the latest prices.

Wireless Tank Monitoring

Cargas Energy provides direct integration to industry leading wireless tank monitoring systems. Tank level information is automatically updated in the system, and delivery tickets can be automatically generated based on each company’s unique requirements.

Automated Cardlock Billing

We directly integrate with premium Cardlock providers such as CFN, Gasboy, and many others to streamline your Cardlock operations.

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Flat-Rate Book Data Import

Using Profit Strategies’ QSP flat rate book? No problem. We can import your flat-rate pricing directly into our system with ease and help your service department increase profitability.

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Automatic Parts Reordering

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