Fewer Drops, More Gallons

In times where shrinking margins and fluctuating oil prices are the new normal, running your delivery operations as efficiently as possible becomes even more important. Maximize your drops per wagon, reduce your costs, and deliver smarter with Cargas Energy.

“We found ourselves with 20% fewer drivers in peak season, January 2009. With the help of Cargas Energy, by wireless ticket routing, efficient deliveries, and literally no paper handling by our drivers, we were able to deliver the most gallons in a month we have ever sold.”
Mike Deberdine, III, President, Rhoads Energy

Do More Than Just Survive.

Winter can be a rough time fraught with long hours and unmanageable chaos when you have an old & inefficient software system. We’ve got your back! Watch the video below to see how you can do more than just survive with Cargas Energy.


Seasonal K: Why It Matters

Your customers’ furnaces consume fuel differently each season, so why settle for limited K-Factor functionality? Our Seasonal K-Factor allows you to fine tune your customers usage projections, which enables you to deliver more fuel per drop.

Advanced Calibration

Review past deliveries and compare them to the projected usage at the time of delivery to further fine-tune your K-Factors. Instantly see how your adjustments affect past delivery projections. This advanced calibration tool helps you to further refine your drop accuracy.

Delivery Center: The Ultimate Tool For Your Dispatchers

Manage all of your deliveries from a centralized command center.

  • Manage All Tasks in a Centralized Place
  • Customizable Grids
  • Easily Identify At-Risk Tickets
  • Dispatch Routes With One Click
  • Instant Visibility to Mobile Devices Status
  • Track Route’s Progress in Real Time
  • Playback Shifts History
  • Print Shift Reports

Integrated Routing

Our Route Builder is directly integrated into our Delivery Center, allowing unparalleled ease in building delivery routes. With an intuitive tickets selection method and a host of advanced features, its the best routing solution on the market.

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Real-Time Mobile Delivery

This is where the rubber meets the road. Your delivery routes are instantly dispatched to your drivers’ mobile devices, and you can track their progress in real-time. No more cumbersome paper tickets, no more late night work grouping and stacking tickets for your drivers, and no more lost tickets. No more calling up your drivers wondering why they still haven’t arrived at Mrs. Jones’ house yet. Welcome to the 21st Century.

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One Click Posting: It’s Not A Myth

You don’t have to dread the end of a long winter day anymore. With our one-click posting, reviewing completed deliveries is a breeze. We even show the shift totals right on the posting screen for you.

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